There are now a lot of companies which specialise in the installation of solar panels across the UK, but from these thousands of companies, it’s up to you to choose the right one. In order to operate as a solar installer in the UK, a company has to be registered with Renewable Energy Assurance Limited, which is an operator and authority for the renewables sector, but besides this, you have to make sure that the installer you select can provide you with an excellent service. You are, after all, investing in a system that should last and operate for years, and if it isn’t installed properly, you could well look at money down the drain. So what does it take to choose the right solar panel system installer? To assess their skill, service, and expertise, here are the top questions you should ask any prospective solar PV installer in the UK.

  1. Are you certified?

First of all, find out if the installer is completely certified and registered with the appropriate and accredited scheme, such as MCS. If the company taking charge of your solar panel installation is not certified, you aren’t sure whether they are really qualified to undertake the installation – and, more than this, you may not be liable for protection under the scheme if their work doesn’t turn out well or is faulty.

  1. Do you include a structural report in your quote?

It also pays to ask the installer if they include a structural report when they send you their quotation. A structural report is essential, and it is a requirement if you want to make sure that your structure can handle the installation. The installer has to find out if the roof is strong enough to deal with the extra load. Don’t just ask for a generic report, as your roof may be different from the rest. The installer should consider factors such as the size of your rafters, wind zones, spacing, and so on, as confirmed by expert installers such as


  1. Do you think my roof requires reinforcement?

Once the installer has performed a structural report specifically for your roof, they will then be able to answer the next question: do you think my roof requires reinforcement? Approximately 65% of roofs in the UK require strengthening, and this is potentially going to add £200 to £500 more to your overall expenses. But without the proper reinforcement, you could potentially end up with ceiling cracks and sagging roof beams.

  1. What are the warranties included?

You also have to find out about the warranties included with the installation. Solar PV panels today are designed to last for up to two decades, but what kind of warranty should you expect from the installer? Most installers will offer about ten years. In the same vein, find out how long the inverter is guaranteed because most inverters have a guarantee of about ten years for defects as well. Keep in mind that of all the components of your system, the inverter is the one that has the highest likelihood of needing replacement at some point. The good news is, depending on your installer, you may be able to prolong or extend the warranty or guarantee for a small extra fee.


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