The total amount of subsidies to physicians will exceed 5 billion rubles

Presidential payments to physicians working with patients with the coronavirus, would amount to one billion rubles, said Mikhail Mishustin, opening a government meeting.

In April the Cabinet has already announced subsidies for payments to employees of Federal medical organizations in excess of $ 3.9 billion. Thus, the total amount of financial assistance will exceed 5 billion 22 million rubles.

Earlier Mishustin signed an order to support Federal educational, scientific, and medical institutions in the amount of 15.8 billion rubles. Funds are allocated from reserve Fund of the government.

the money will help offset the reduced income of the institutions to pay staff salaries, cover the cost of utilities and upkeep of the property, and the costs associated with compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

the Spread of novel coronavirus infection have had a considerable impact on working conditions Federal educational, scientific, and medical institutions. The decision to endorse their Michael Mishustin has declared at the Government meeting on June 11.