Who will say a, need to say b as well. If someone says A and B and then A again and A again, it becomes pointless stuttering. Welcome to the world of Marcus Faber. Do not you know? You no longer have to.

The young man was a defense expert for the FDP. He and a few drivers wanted to dupe the chancellor because, in their opinion, he hadn’t answered boldly enough in the defense committee. Anyone who last saw Olaf Scholz can be convinced that Faber noticed it correctly.

First he and his cronies left the meeting while Scholz was still speaking, then Faber spoke proudly about the exit coup, but suddenly everything was very serious, everyone shouted “Eklat!” save what could not be saved. Done is done, said is said. Resignation.

But what was that? Shortly before the last hour in North Rhine-Westphalia, do the hard thing again with a tough action club to dust off a few Union votes? Was it planned or an erratic solo effort? Like his party colleague Volker Wissing, who wanted to get the Greens a few vegetables off their plates with the extremely unliberal suggestion not to post any more food photos because of climate protection?

We have a crisis, we have a coalition, but it is actually a single crisis – in the FDP and in the SPD, where Scholz can’t find a rhythm, where Karl Lauterbach has gotten tangled up in Corona nostalgia and the defense minister has become the defense minister.

The Greens don’t just do Bella Figura (“Spiegel”), either, but that’s made up for by the brilliant performances of Annalena Baerbock and the excellent work of Robert Habeck, who efficiently and quietly reduces dependence on Russian raw materials.

The traffic light in May 2022: red stands for standstill, yellow for this-not-that-not. And green? Free ride.