The traffic police commented on the fines of Ephraim and his

the Deputy chief of management of traffic police GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Alexey Diomin the TV channel “Russia 24” has clarified some of the details of the accident, the culprit was Mikhail Efremov. According to him, the actor did not resist the police. Perhaps his “obedience” can be explained as insane.

Alex Deakin commented on the rumors that the car he was able to be a passenger. According to a law enforcement officer, currently involved or being in a vehicle of any citizens is not installed. Perhaps later something will become clear.

Deputy head of traffic police confirmed that Michael Ephraim in the last two years was really drawn a lot of penalties — 50 (39 for 2019 year 11 2020). He mostly got them for speeding, leaving the lane for traffic routing of vehicles, violation of marking. For 2020 Efremov has not paid five penalties from eleven. While Alex Deakin drew attention to the fact that this amount of fines is not critical.

the Tragic incident that divided the life of Ephraim “before” and “after”, took place on 8 June. The artist sat behind the wheel drunk, lost control and flew into the oncoming lane. As a result, he crashed into a van, at the wheel which sat the courier. The man received serious injuries and subsequently died. Currently, Ephraim was placed under house arrest, he faces up to 12 years of imprisonment. In the blood of the actor was found both alcohol, and drugs.