The tragedy 23 years ago gave occasion to perpetuate the memory of the children killed in traffic accidents

will be In Barnaul chapel in memory of children killed in traffic accidents. The idea of having a memorial chapel has arisen by chance. 23 years ago on Kutuzov street was knocked down 7-year-old Natasha Edicine. After two months of intensive care, she died. Her sister, 13 years later organized a charity Fund to help children caught in an accident.

Since then, the Fund Oksana Edicine provides support to families whose children were in an accident. And also, reports GTRK “Altai”, the name of the Fund preserves the memory of sister Natasha. In 2020, the charitable Fund Natasha Edicinal celebrates 20 years. This date was decided to coincide with the construction of the chapel.

Eugene Rusin, project Manager of save the children Fund them. Natasha Edicinal said: “the Project of the chapel is the collapsible design. This is done in order so that you demand to reschedule. We assume that the object is not more than 3 meters in diameter and not more than 4 metres in height with the exception of the cross.”

the chapel project announced a competition. The first responded to the students-designers and architects. But Fund managers are waiting for everyone. The best works will receive a cash prize. But to master the main award — the embodiment of his ideas to life.

Vladislav Athanasakis, a student of the Altai Institute of architecture and design said: “the Initiators of the project hope for consciousness and severity drivers. In 2019 accidents on roads in the region have claimed the lives of 12 children, most of the passengers involved in the accident vehicles. And I would like to the future the chapel was reminded about the already dead, but that is in our power to prevent the tragedy.”

Text: GTRK “Altai”