The tragedy with Boeing: we have been in the triangle USA - Iran - Ukraine

the day of the tragedy with Boeing and Ukrainian when the cause was still unknown, President Putin telegram expressed his sincere condolences to the leaders of Ukraine and Iran, and conveyed words of sympathy and support to the families and friends of the victims.

“Russia shares the grief of those who lost their loved ones and wish them fortitude and courage,” said Putin.

This Ukrainian tragedy of the downed Boeing over Tehran brings to mind a similar story with countries in the same triangle — USA – Iran — Ukraine. Sadly, such cases have already been.

So, in 1988, the American military accidentally, i.e. unintentionally shot down an Iranian Airbus a-300 flying from Tehran to Dubai. Then — and this update was the 3 July 1988 by a missile “earth-air”, released from the cruiser of the U.S. Navy Vincennes, killing all passengers of the Iranian airliner and the crew — a total of 290 people. The tragedy occurred over the Persian Gulf. Then the main reason for the launch of civilian aircraft in the official report was called psychological condition of the crew of an American missile cruiser, which allegedly acted under a lot of pressure in a combat situation, and the similarity of the trajectories of civil airliner, with a trajectory of an attacking Iranian fighter jet. The commander of the cruiser later during this period of his life received the order of the “Legion of honor”, and the US is not even officially apologized. President Reagan then called the crew actions “justified”.

If to speak about Ukraine itself, it still hides evidence against themselves in the tragedy with the Malaysian Boeing flight MH-17 over Ukrainian territory during the hot phase of the civil war in the Donbass. We are repeatedly told. And it is quite obvious responsibility of Ukraine for the fact that she had not closed its airspace to civilian aircraft over a combat zone.

However, there is one absolutely clear — case. Absolutely certain it is investigated how the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian civilian airliner in 2001 over the Black sea. This occurred on 4 October 2001 during military exercises in Crimea, which was Ukrainian. Tu-154 of airline “Siberia” carried out flight tel Aviv — Novosibirsk. The missile complex s-200 fired the 96th brigade of the air defense of Ukraine. Anybody from passengers and members of crew has not survived. Killed 78 people. Former Ukrainian President Kuchma fired his defense Minister Kuzmuk, but suggested that the tragedy of what not to do. “Look at what is happening around the world, in Europe? We are not the first and not the last, it is not necessary to do from this tragedy”, — said Kuchma. Later Ukraine refused to legally recognize their guilt, although compensation to the families of those who died under the intergovernmental agreement paid.

And if you return to the Ukrainian shot down the Boeing over Tehran, of course, chance is only part of the explanation, there is a pattern. The pattern is that in the course of the war of nerves imposed by America, to Iran, and this could not happen. And this can not happen if you continue to Stoke global confrontation and to withdraw from treaties on arms limitation. By the way, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned of such a danger when the time for a decision actually to press the button all is reduced and reduced. Because of the higher missile velocities, due to higher automation and leveraging of artificial intelligence. That is, the consequences think.

did Not think about the consequences of the United States, when he inspired the destruction of Libya in 2011. First, there is the results of the NATO bombing killed the country’s leader Gaddafi, and now the whole world don’t know how to restore peace and order. About the past prosperity of the current generation of Libyans is not necessary to dream.

did Not think about the consequences of the US when they invaded Iraq in 2003. Iraq, by the way, America consistently and wantonly destroys for more than a decade and a half. First, the President of the USA George W. Bush with the support of the UK when there was Prime Minister Tony Blair, wanton began to bomb Iraq. The official motive for aggression was two statements. First: the Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein is very dangerous because it has weapons of mass destruction. Remember how the US Secretary of state was shaking in the UN security Council with a vial of white powder? Second, the Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein’s connections with terrorists of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), which destroyed new York twin towers, and even sent a plane falling on the Pentagon. Then as a result of these terrorist attacks in the us killed three thousand people.

Revenge was decided the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein. The result of the Anglo-American bombardment and ground invasion the military people in Iraq killed hundreds of thousands (exact figures are still there). Killed not counting. Saddam Hussein himself the decision of the special Tribunal in terms of the American occupation, like in Medieval times, hung. The reason found. Here in some dark basement of Saddam Hussein throws a rope around his neck, pushed to the location. Unjustified barbarism.

even after it became clear that the suspicions in connection of Saddam Hussein with “al-Qaeda” was not confirmed. And the weapons of mass destruction in occupied Iraq have searched, but not found. White powder in the vial Colin Powell turned out to be false. That is both the reason for the invasion and destruction of the state was false. But thanks to the United States from scattered Iraqi army formed the structure of the ISIL terrorists (banned in Russia). Under the control of ISIS at some point were 40% of the territory of Iraq and neighbouring Syria, if not for the help of Russia, the black flag has long waved over Damascus. America and that would be fine.

Practice change unsuitable regimes is still relevant for US. Not everywhere it turns, but the desire to place his people and UBIrat is not uncomfortable, even with the help of provocations, and geography — without restrictions.

a Classic example of political destruction of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Very likely the French President busted in new York dealing with a Negro maid. Photos of Strauss-Kahn in the police “monkey” America knocked him out of politics forever. It was the year 2011.

In may last year as a result of active operations of the security services to resign was forced to resign the Vice-Chancellor of Austria strache, followed by the Chancellor himself and Kurtz. Returned in the office of the Chancellor Kurtz only recently, and his former Deputy strache politically buried forever.

However, back to Iraq. The Americans acted there, not thinking about the consequences, whether from low literacy, whether from over-confidence. By removing Saddam Hussein, who relied on the elites of the Sunni minority in Iraq, the U.S. changed the country’s dominant branch of Islam. Now it’s the Shiites, and is one reason why relations with Iran, the authorities of Iraq are now much improved. As a result, the Iraqi Parliament voted for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. Trump in the answer only laughed.

“we Have extremely expensive military air base. Its construction long before I had cost billions of dollars. We will not leave until they pay for it,” — said the President of the United States.

in Addition, trump also threatened the Baghdad sanctions. Look, the Americans invaded the country, destroyed it, hanged the President, ushered in a bloody internal strife, and now asked to pay the costs! Well, not if the height of cynicism? Better would have apologized and helped to clean up after themselves. However, it is not in the American rules. Norm — disregard for other cultures, other people’s dignity, another’s history.

So, in the heat of anger against Iran trump threatened to attack its cultural objects. “At the sight of us 52 Iranian facility, some very high-level and important for Iran and its culture. Blow on them and Iran itself will be very fast and very hard,” said trump.

It is, in fact, in the best traditions of their country faces war crime. This arrogant American ignorance not only in relation to foreign culture, but culture in General, because of the ancient culture of Iran — the province of all mankind, because we are talking about ancient civilizations ancient China and ancient ancient Greece.

for Example, Iran is now dozens of cultural monuments UNESCO world heritage site. Among them is the world’s largest Adobe fortress city of BAM, V century BC. Here trump ready to hit? In Iran and the unique Armenian shrines. For example, in the Arax river valley — the monastery of St. Stepanos, the IX century. Or the monastery of St. Thaddeus, VII century. And it “shmalnut”?

And here is the mausoleum of the immaculate Fatima in Qom was built in the IX century over the centuries. A masterpiece of Islamic architecture and the final resting place of generations of sheikhs. Also on the sight of US? Trump didn’t think about the reaction of the Islamic world? What then?

Here, in Iran, lies the ancient city pasar Reptiles, VI century BC. When in the IV century had been there with his army Alexander learned that his soldiers had pillaged the tomb of the Persian king Cyrus II the Great, the eminent Greek General ordered the executions of the guilty.

Well, of course, in Iran near pasar Bastards – the capital of ancient Persia Persepolis, fifth century BC. The picturesque ruins of the city where water and sewer were already two and a half thousand years ago. It is also in the target list in Iran? But in fact is the Persians were the first in the history of mankind has learned to develop a systematic record in the field of medicine, astronomy and mathematics and were the first to collect a kind of library. And the Persian language in the Middle ages were international and clear along the entire silk road. Of all this, the US President said with deep contempt. When even within the ranks of the U.S. military passed a murmur, saying, do not planned to hit cultural sites, trump was annoyed. However, it’s nothing personal. Just an example of colonial thinking, when other people and their culture is definitely lower than his, even if she is ten times older.

And yet, if we are to draw Parallels, even after all the atrocities of Hitler’s Nazis on Soviet territory, Soviet troops never received the order to destroy the German cultural objects. And the Americans and British did. Take, for example, is meaningless from a military perspective the bombing of Dresden by the end of the war. A German würzburg in Franconia the ancient? 12 centuries of history are erased for a night of English firestorm. Ruthless and senseless barbarity.

However, cultural properties became targets in warfare already in the XXI century. In 2001 the giant Buddha statues were blown up in the Bamiyan valley of Afghanistan on the orders of Taliban leader Mullah Omar. And now the barbarians of ISIS with sledgehammers and drills smashing Museum exhibits in Iraq’s Mosul. There’s also a fanatical militants blew up the Central library, and of the ancient works on philosophy, culture, history put the fire out. It was quite recently, five years ago. And now the threat to destroy the objects of culture in Iran sounds from the United States.

And, of course, it is impossible not to recall the destruction of monuments in Syria. What is one Palmyra. Blew there the barbarians of ISIS Central nave and would have destroyed even more if it were not for Russia. Syria, and all of humanity is grateful to Russia for what barbarian terrorists failed to stop, and the oldest masterpieces — save.

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