The transactions appealed the decision of the Prosecutor General

Russia’s Investigative Committee filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on the decision of the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin. Victor grin has cancelled the decision about excitation of criminal case against the investigator of the Central office SK of Russia Colonel Ruslan Miniahmetov. On Saturday the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko.

Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigation Department of Russia Ruslan Sledkoma Miniahmetova on the basis of evidence collected by the FSB, accused of receiving bribes in especially large size). According to investigators, the accused received more than a million rubles from the defendant in a criminal case.

the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin, said Svetlana Petrenko, the complaint stated sufficient grounds to initiate criminal proceedings against Miniahmetova.

In turn, the lawyer of the investigator Konstantin Trapaidze stated that his client was accused on the basis of the testimony of a man destined nearly four years ago. In addition to these indications, in fact, no other evidence, the lawyer said.