The trial of Weinstein: ex-producer was trying to go to the world

In new York, began the trial of ex-producer Harvey Weinstein. He is accused of abuse several dozen women. What’s he looking for it?

He could appear on the red carpet of the award “Golden globe” in Beverly hills, but the first release of this year in new York, very dramatic. Harvey Weinstein on Manhattan with a Walker.

Pressure on the pity, wrote in social networks; the effects of a car accident, the attorneys argue. That Weinstein needed back surgery, said this summer. The defenders then asked to move the meeting somewhere more quiet place. However, it rejected the request, and in Manhattan, Weinstein was already waiting.

“I came here today to stand side by side with other women who you have harmed, and be a voice for those who can’t dare to say how long and I did. Did you think you could terrorize me and other in silence. You were wrong. We rose from the ashes. And what we have come to this moment of justice, amazing!” — says the actress rose McGowan.

rose McGowan is one of the first who dared to take public charge of the former producer. In 2017, she said the violence that occurred in 1997. Now the charges against Weinstein already heard from hundreds of women. However, in most cases, the Statute of limitations has expired.

So officially yet will consider only two charges, but this may be enough for life. The ex-producer denies the charges, but tried to go to the world. His lawyers agreed to pay $ 25 million in a civil lawsuit, which nominated actress and former coworkers. However, the list was not stellar names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, who also supported the prosecution. They just do not take.

the First meeting went quickly and act on it to the ex-producer was not necessary. Attorneys Weinstein tried to get restrictions for the jury.

“We talked about possible isolation the jury, just based on how much attention the media draws this case. We think it would be safer,” — said the lawyer Weinstein Donna Rotunno.

However, the judge of the defence motion was rejected. In new York I hope that the jury will have time to collect it next week and then will begin hearings. In any case, Weinstein will continue to remain the center of attention. Even if in this case he is acquitted, the disgraced producer expect similar processes in the courts of Los Angeles and London.