The Tula circus animals tested for coronavirus

the Tula circus have animals tested for the coronavirus. Wards of trainer Vladislav Goncharov chose as pioneers in the research on the presence of infection among circus animals. We will remind, the group stayed in the gingerbread city due to the pandemic. Now the four-legged artists had to be tested for COVID-19. It is reported by the GTRK “Tula” in the air “Russia 1”.

the debate on how, if passed the new virus from humans to animals and Vice versa, still does not subside. And now, fourteen lions, including marine, seven dogs and a wolf, and checked for infection. Swabs were taken from the nasopharynx. For animals the process was unpleasant, and for the trainer — even dangerous.

“Perhaps our animals first in Russia passed the tests for the presence of coronavirus. Excited about the results,” – said the Director of the circus of Tula Oleg Abramov.

According to the examination, all tested animals COVID-19. “As experts say the who, cases of transmission from cats and dogs to humans is currently not recorded,” — said the head of the Tula veterinary stations to combat animal diseases Pavel Nikitin.

the employees of the circus are happy that all the animals were healthy. Now it remains to wait until the end of the epidemic, to be able to meet again with an audience.

Text: GTRK “Tula”