The SPD has so far rejected outraged that Nancy Faeser only became Federal Minister of the Interior to increase her awareness of the upcoming state election campaign in Hesse in 2023 and thus her chances of becoming Prime Minister.

Now Faeser’s cabinet colleague Christine Lambrecht has confirmed this partisan abuse of a constitutional department by the social democrats in an interview with “T-Online” – doing Faeser a disservice. She is now a federal minister with an expiry date.

Lambrecht made this statement to the detriment of the party friend and the SPD in an attempt to save their own ministerial post. The Secretary of Defense is under pressure because of her inadequate qualifications to command and command the armed forces. And she has an unpleasant affair because she let her son fly in a Bundeswehr helicopter to visit the troops in Schleswig-Holstein and then vacation on Sylt.

In the interview, she emphasized again that “everything was legally correct and all the rules were observed”. But that is exactly what is in question. There is reasonable suspicion that the rules for the minister were made to fit. People who are very familiar with the regulations for the readiness to fly report that in the defense department it has never been permitted, nor has it ever been necessary, to allow non-official family members to fly on a troop visit.

Lambrecht and her ministry have not yet named a legal basis that undoubtedly provides something else. She is a lawyer through and through, says the minister about herself. It would be helpful if she acted like that and allowed legal transparency to prevail. It’s nice for her when the “Chancellor appreciates my work”. It would be better if this could also apply to the general public and the soldiers.