The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad fired a rocket

the American Embassy in Iraq came under rocket attack, the TV channel al-Sumaria, citing a source in the security services of the country. The incident occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the “green zone” in Central Baghdad. The attack was repulsed with anti-aircraft missile complex Patriot. The rocket fell in a nearby residential building injured child.

the Incident occurred a few hours after the US conducted a test of SAM “Patriot” at the Embassy in Baghdad that angered the Iraqi side, said channel Rudaw. Vice-speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi called the move a provocation.

the Fortified quarter of the “green zone” in the center of the Iraqi capital, where the government offices and embassies, Baghdad international airport from a military airfield, is often a target for attacks from improvised launchers. Two weeks ago, created an ad hoc Committee under the government with the aim to prevent similar incidents.