The U.S. threatened Iraq with supersanktsy and promise a powerful strike on Iran: the situation is heating up

US threatens sanctions Iraq, and a powerful blow to Iran. The situation escalated after the killing of American military General Soleimani. Now the CIA is afraid of revenge of Tehran, trump makes highly emotional statements, and his opponents were Democrats promise legislation to limit the military powers of the President in Iran.

the United States threatened Iraq with supersanktsy. Donald trump has announced the most stringent measures at any hint of hostility towards Washington. Even added that these sanctions will be so severe that the restrictive measures against Iran seem a trifle. At the same time, trump reiterated — the us military will not leave Iraq until he pays for an air base built by the United States. Military experts believe that to get rid of foreign military presence in Baghdad will not be easy.

“the Most realistic scenario is that the American military presence in Iraq will be significantly reduced. Perhaps it will be somewhat limited, for example, in the field of air space control. However, to talk about the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be premature,” — commented military expert Vladimir Yevseyev.

According to political analysts, the United States violated a strategic agreement with Iraq. Now Baghdad the right to seek assistance from all international institutions.

the Conflict broke out when the United States attacked the Shiites in Iraq and Syria. Disgruntled Shiites stormed the American Embassy in Baghdad. The Pentagon said the killing of the commander of the special forces of Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Soleimani. The West called it is responsible for destabilizing actions in the region. The Iranian foreign Ministry said that the assassination of General Soleimani — an act of international terrorism, and expressed to Washington a strong protest. The CIA feared that this may be followed by a symmetrical response.

“the Murder of high-ranking officials — “a dangerous precedent", which did not dare predecessors the current US President Donald trump George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Revenge of Tehran can catch and American officials. And murder can happen anywhere in the world, including the U.S.,” notes former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell.

the Situation in the middle East is heating up, but in Washington only add fuel to the fire: do not skimp on the threat in Iran. Trump warned that he is ready to inflict a disproportionate attack on Iran in response to any attack on American citizens or objects. And even to notify of the decision of the Congress, he did not consider it necessary. Similarly, the US President did last week when he ordered the Pentagon missile strike in the area of the Baghdad airport. In the course of the operation and was killed by General Soleimani to say goodbye which left hundreds of thousands of Iranians.

Europe aloof from the conflict remained. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of France Emmanuel macron and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was quick to say that appreciate Iran’s role as negative. And urged Tehran to abandon all measures which, in their opinion, contrary to the nuclear deal. Earlier, Iran’s government announced a new phase of the reduction commitments on a Joint comprehensive action plan, which unilaterally left the States.

Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said that the Iranian nuclear program will remain under strict international control.