The UN demanded to investigate the hacking of the smartphone richest man in the world

Members of the UN working group on human rights urged the US to immediately investigate a hacker attack on a smartphone Jeff Bezos — head of Amazon, the owner of the newspaper The Washington Post and one of the richest men in the world. “We received information indicates the possible involvement of the crown Prince to the surveillance Bezoom to influence, if not to silence, the coverage by The Washington Post of the situation in Saudi Arabia,” the report says.

Smartphone Bezos was hacked on may 1, 2018, after the businessman opened WhatsApp video in MP4 format, sent with a personal account of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman (both exchanged phone numbers a month earlier). To such conclusion Bezoom hired Advisory firm FTI Consulting, reports CNBC.

After the head of Amazon read the message with his iPhone X started pumping data: within two hours of traffic suddenly shot up by 30 000% — up to 126 MB. For a few months, established by criminologists, since the device was unloaded 4.6 gigabytes.

According to experts FTI, smartphone Bezos “high degree of probability” was hacked by the spyware tool Pegasus-3. The exploit, developed by Israeli firm NSO Group, allows to intercept data stored in the device information, including SMS, email correspondence, call history and geolocation. To install Pegasus-3 to your smartphone Bezos could be exploited the vulnerability in the WhatsApp, found the same company.

Previously, Gavin de Becker, personal security consultant Bezos, accused the NSO Group is that its technology she pander to Riyadh in the surveillance of Jamal Khashoggi — a journalist for The Washington Post, who wrote critical comments about the authorities of Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi was killed in October 2018.

the UN suspects that the murder of the journalist is directly related to the hacking of the iPhone Bezos — the principal owner of The Washington Post. Bolto her by a cyber attack could be obtained in personal correspondence of a businessman with his mistress, a television presenter and actress Lauren Sanchez. Previously, Bezos said that he tried to blackmail the owner of the published correspondence of the tabloid National Enquirer, David pecker, which supports US President Donald trump and the Saudi Royal family.

Text: To.Hi-tech