The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the fight against cybercrime, the proposed RF

the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the fight against cybercrime, proposed by Russia. This was done despite opposition from the American side. The resolution voted 79 countries. Against were 60, 33 abstained, RIA Novosti reported.

Cherith Norman Chalet, a spokeswoman for USA, said that the Russian resolution undermines international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

the Resolution is entitled “combating the use of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes.” When it was created in collaboration with the Russian Federation made 47 States.

the Resolution was adopted at the November 18 meeting of the Third Committee 74 th session of the UNGA by a majority vote. According to the document, the UNGA establish an intergovernmental Committee of experts which will develop a Convention on cybercrime. This caused concern in the Department believe that it is not necessary to elaborate a Convention, as the need for cybercrime tools already exist. Russia, as it fears the state Department, is interested in promoting their own vision of what Internet will be like in the future.

However, according to the statement of zampolpreda Russia to the UN, Gennady Kuzmin, the work of the ad hoc Committee will attend the maximum number of countries. The first session will be held in August 2020 in new York.

the Resolution, proposed by Russia, actually reinforces the digital sovereignty of States over their information space. It is, in fact, a new page in the history of cybercrime prevention, said the Russian foreign Ministry.