The unexpected announcement of attorney Michael Ephraim: the actor may be guilty in fatal accident

Mikhail Efremov once again brought to the Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow for questioning, after which at least the surprise was the statement of his lawyer. According to the advocate, the actor did not admit guilt in committing the accident, “what happened to his car.” What frames the scene of the accident, which Efremov in a state of intoxication immediately after the incident, the lawyer said.

He was already so accustomed to these visits that during this visit, the investigators Mikhail Efremov acted as if on automatic. Knew exactly where it was needed. At the entrance to GUS waited for him to come down. And leaving the building to smoke, idly listening to one of his lawyers. When Ephraim took his defender Elman Pashayev suddenly made a sensational statement.

“Today, Mikhail Efremov said that the innocent. More can not explain anything! That is, the crime he did not commit. As for the machines, when he said he was willing to pay, it’s because there was his car,” said lawyer Ephraim Elman Pashayev.

“Today, Efremov are not to blame, and blame the car. Obviously, the car was driving one of Mr. Efremov was not there, and the Martians or evil power was behind the wheel. I think so,” sarcastically says the family’s lawyer zakharovykh Alexander Dobrovinsky.

Machine Ephraim Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to these personnel, not just involved in an accident — she literally blew the van of the courier of Sergey Zakharov. Mikhail Efremov was extremely drunk. Blood — alcohol, drugs and sleeping pills. Yet Sergei Zakharov was trying to save in the intensive care unit, the actor used to walk around the wrecked cars and drove drunk dialogs.

“People were injured, and I will cure him,” promised Mikhail Efremov, not fully realizing the seriousness of the circumstances of the accident.

– Fix? You’re not a doctor!

“I’ve got a shitload of money, — said Efremov. Doctors may treat.”

Sergey Zakharov died. About this Yefremov learned already next morning after the accident, and slept, during the first communication with the police, pleaded guilty.

– how do You plead? You know that the person has died?

“Yes, of course I admit it!” – replied the actor.

the actor Later admitted that it was as a result of his drunk driving killed Sergey Zakharov. He even said that he would not use his so called “connections” to avoid responsibility. Like, it doesn’t even make sense — all the beautiful things I saw footage of the accident. In addition, Yefremov offered to the family Zakharov help, but the family of the deceased refused to accept the money of the actor, and the news about the possible innocence of Ephraim and all family shocked.

“Efremov is to blame. He was at the time of the accident is drunk. The car was his. But there are at least ten people can be in the car, it is necessary to establish,” said Elman Pashayev.

“the Family, when he heard it, told me that once offended — adds Alexander Dobrovinsky. Just about of them wiped his feet.”

apparently, opposition parties soon will only intensify. The matter may soon be taken to court. Already held three examination events, medical, recognize Ephraim sane, autotechnical. According to lawyers, the machine of the actor is in order. A few hours ago, the lawyer Efremova stated that he was not talking about the innocence of the actor. It is simply misunderstood.