The US Congress will vote to transfer the case to impeach trump in the Senate

the U.S. Congress, January 15 to vote for the referral of the case of impeachment of the President trump the consideration of the Senate. This was announced by the speaker of the house of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

As expected, the procedure in the Senate will start next week. The intelligence Committee has prepared a new pressure proof Donald trump for President of Ukraine during their telephone conversation, but what is not specify.

the head of the White house, speaking at a campaign rally in Milwaukee, reiterated that the impeachment was started by the Democrats to prevent his re-election for a second term.

“We have entered a new year with a growing economy, wages are also rising, poverty is falling, crime is reduced, and the United States the envy of the whole world, — quotes the words of trump, the TV channel “Russia 24”. — Our economy is now the best performance in history. Our army was completely reorganized. And our opponents in the background of all this they say: “we are clearly not going to win, so let’s declare him President Trump impeachment”.