The US has denied a visa to the Iranian foreign Minister to travel to the meeting of the UN security Council

the US has denied a visa to the foreign Minister of Iran, intending to come to a meeting of the UN Security Council.

January 3, the US killed in Iraq a senior Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. The Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and other members of the leadership of Iran, condemned the US, reports TASS.

the US is obligated to grant visas to all diplomats of member countries of the UN, although we sometimes neglect this duty (in September, the US has not issued visas 18 Russian delegates to participate in the Genasamblee UN. Moscow called it a visa outbreak of war, and proposed to move the meetings from the USA).

Zarif had in the past received a U.S. visa for travel in the UN, but his move to the USA is strictly controlled.

the Conflict between Washington and Tehran throughout the year periodically escalates. So, in June last year, the Iranian military shot down a us reconnaissance drone, claiming that he violated the airspace of the Republic. The White house said that the craft was over international waters. Donald trump supposedly was ready to authorize strikes on Iran, but at the last moment in a fit of humanism changed my mind.

last year between the countries was held and the so-called tanker war. The US has accused Iran of organizing attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman (also in June). In July, Iran arrested for violating the rules of marine navigation British ship “the Wall of Empire”, after which the States promised to create a coalition to patrol the Strait. Then, in the summer, Iran was exposed a spy network for the CIA. In September, a drone attack was subjected to oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. The responsibility has been taken by Yemeni rebels, the US blamed Iran.