The US President has published the logo of the Space forces

President of the United States Donald trump published the logo of the Space forces, created in 2019.

“After consulting with our wonderful captains, designers and the rest I am pleased to present the new logo for the Space forces of the United States, the sixth of our great army!”, — trump wrote on Twitter.

For publication, he made the logo. The image is in the center of the schematic model of the Earth on a dark blue background behind it are the stars. In the foreground a white figure in the form of an arrowhead, looking up and belted the orbit.

Previously, users of social networks derided new form of Space forces of the United States. Photograph of a detail of the uniforms with the pattern of stripes was published in the “Twitter” Space. It is a camouflage, dominated by brown and green.

he also suggested that since Space forces are part of the U.S. Armed forces, more efficient use of the existing uniform, and not develop new ones. Nevertheless, many users believed that “space warriors” would be more appropriate vestments with the image of the starry sky.