The US thanked Russia for assistance in the fight against coronavirus

Today, a step back for Russian help in the fight against coronavirus made in USA. There highly appreciated the goodwill gesture of our country, which informed — in accordance with the agreements of presidents of Russia and USA — sent donated medical equipment to the most affected by the epidemic in new York. And now, arrived in Moscow the first party of American medical ventilators.

Mutually friendly gesture. Washington does the same thing, as did Moscow, in early April. At Vnukovo-3, the plane lands, the U.S. air force with a cargo of medical equipment for combating coronavirus.

John Sullivan Meets with U.S. Ambassador to Russia: “I am honored to be here. This is an example of cooperation between our Nations that has lasted for decades. We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war. The people of the United States supported the Soviet Union and, I’m proud to be here, during the transmission of these devices”.

Delivery of this cargo, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump have discussed in person, over the phone. Talked about the pandemic coronavirus and the American President offered to repay the Russians for the timely help.

After all, medical equipment, protective equipment for doctors sent to the United States when new York was out of breath from the outbreak of coronavirus. Russia was then at the initial stage, had the necessary “anticolonialism stock”.

And here’s the response action of goodwill.

On Board the aircraft — 50 of the apparatus for artificial lung ventilation. All, in gratitude for Russian assistance, the U.S. will supply 200 sets of mechanical ventilation. Few flights. For example, this Board flew through Germany, through the NATO base “Ramstein”. The whole supply will be completed by may 26.

the Russian Embassy sent the medical consignment from the US are warmly welcomed.

“this is a genuine, humanitarian gestures, and interaction in emergency situations, assisting on a Pro Bono basis. Received today, 50 of the ventilator as coolantIdumaea next week another batch of these systems are at the disposal of the Center named after Pirogov” — said Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Usually in such cases shake hands. But Russian doctor and an American diplomat bumping elbows. Detail the era of the pandemic.

“as soon as possible we will give these ventilators in Russian hospitals,” — said Dmitry Nikitenko, Deputy Director General of the national medico-surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov.

It’s not just the exchange of pleasantries, both in Russia and in the US is now of the ventilator enough. It is a signal that Moscow has filed, and Washington have adopted the global threats we need to fight together.