The vacuum blood-sucking: in France figured out how to deal with mosquitoes

In the South of France in the seaside town of hyères-Les-Palme established a special “mosquito vacuum”.

the Campaign against the blood sucking was not accidental. In 2018 tourists bitten by mosquitoes, were forced to literally flee in the midst of the holiday season from the var. Then he made some compensation for the spoiled vacation. This has caused the tourism industry considerable damage.

250 devices put close to the campsites, residential areas and restaurants off the coast, that is where there is accumulation of insects. Installation does not only release into the air carbon dioxide, which serves as a signal to mosquitoes, but also special chemical composition that attracts insects. When approaching the source, they are trapped inside the flow of air and die, reports TASS.

“Mosquito vacuum” has cost the local municipality in million euros. Unlike chemical formulations they are safe for people and the environment. In addition, these devices are designed so that they produce odor attracts mosquito females exclusively, so other insects destruction is not threatened.