The vets said how to take care of Pets and stray animals

Veterinarians do not recommend feeding Pets food from the festive table, because it has a lot of fat and spices.

problems can create bone. Veterinarian Irina Onyschuk explained RIA Novosti, the acid and enzymes contained in the stomach of the animals, can’t digest the bones and they remain in the same condition.

In turn, the vet Vladislav Tikhomirov said that have to do with dogs and cats, collected on the street. First and foremost, the animal must be taken to a doctor as it might hurt. According to him, the desired metering pressure, the constant pressure control, heating pads, IV fluids. To provide all this at home is impossible.

Onyshuk also said that if the animal were cold, it should wrap in something warm and slow to warm. It is impossible to sharply dip in hot water, as this can lead to problems with blood vessels. But it is better to take the animal to a veterinary clinic, so he raised the temperature with special preparations.