The victims of the shooting in Hawaii were two police officers

In the Hawaiian Islands (USA) to Honolulu, two police officers were killed in the shooting, open to attackers.

the Exact cause of the incident is still unclear. It is known that the suspect in the shooting was evicted from the house in which he lived, after which he, according to some, stabbed the owner of the home. Later the attacker opened fire on arrived on the scene to the police. Were seriously injured, two police officers were hospitalized and died.

After the shooting on the police officers, the attacker set fire to the house from which he was evicted, the flames from the fire spread to nearby buildings and parked cars, according to RIA Novosti.

Data on whether the suspect is detained or neutralized, has not yet been reported. Local media noted in the data are at the scene of reporters, an active search for the suspect is not conducted.