The virus escaped outside of China: list of countries updated

2019 New coronavirus-nCoV can spread faster than previously thought, the infected person is dangerous even during the incubation period reported in the public health Commission of China. Therefore, the authorities do not exclude the number of infections in the near future may become even greater, and may have to buy abroad means biosecurity. In China, the number of infected exceeded two thousand, that is, every day infected hundreds of people. Infection, the vaccine which is still only developing, claimed the lives of 56 people.

Morning press conference of the Chinese Committee on health authorities promise to carry out every day. Until the news are not very comforting: the new coronavirus is different from the previous, still have not found out, does it continue to mutate and is more dangerous. But sound predictions in near future the number of infections will only continue to grow, and perhaps at such a pace that the authorities will have to buy abroad means biosecurity. While Chinese companies produce 8 million protective masks in the day — this is not enough.

“the Virus is transmitted to people from wild nature and has begun to adapt to existence in the human body, and then moved to the stage when I started to spread from person to person. It seems that the ability of the virus to spread from person to person increased. Experts believe that the epidemic has moved into a relatively serious and complicated stage”, — the official representative of the National Commission of health of China MA Shaowei.

the center for prevention and control of diseases reported that a new virus is 90 percent similar to the coronavirus that causes some species of bats. Earlier it was reported that the primary source of the disease can be snakes. Probably true that theory is that the source of the spread of the virus was a grocery market of Wuhan, where you can buy and enjoy as bats and snakes. Just today, the authorities imposed a total forban on wildlife trade. It turns out, to this day, the Chinese can continue to buy and eat sick animals. The number of cases continues to grow.

Dozens of cities to avoid threats and suspended transport. Held total disinfection.

“On the big screens on all the main streets is a video about what you need to wear masks, how to properly wash their hands. In the underground it is forbidden to enter without masks. Hanging everywhere warning. And in the underground all gush antiseptic,” — said a resident of the Chengdu leysan Batrina.

because of the coronavirus Chinese business is suffering huge losses. Even the film industry. Despite the fact that now is the beginning of the holidays in honor of the New year according to the lunar calendar, ticket sales declined by more than eight times. In Wuhan, where he began an outbreak, hastily build a hospital specifically for people infected with coronavirus. To erect a building promised in just six days. Time already running out, so go without stopping.

“At the moment a lot of building materials. But we don’t have enough trucks to quickly to move them. Now my main task is to organize the process, as we have in time, but preferably early to complete the construction of the hospital,” explained the chief engineer At Jigani.

the Virus escaped far beyond China. Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Singapore, USA, Australia, France — list of countries where cases of infection, updated. In Portugal, today announced that one of the patients suspect a new type of pneumonia. In many States, airports, security measures, special control are passengers from China. Canada has already identified the first case of the disease.

the Minister of health of the province of Ontario Christine Elliott said: “We are actively monitoring to quickly detect cases this coronavirus. And as we can see, the system works. The patient was immediately placed in isolation, carried out the necessary lab tests. And now we find out who recently contacted this person to contain the spread of infection.”

Authorities in many countries recommend their citizens to refrain from trips to China. And even to evacuate their tourists. In particular, one of the Russian travel agencies announced the early export of its customers with a popular Chinese resort of Hainan island. Even the vacationers are now seeking as soon as possible to fly home and buy tickets for the next flight.