The virus occurs in China has been quarantined for 30 million people

a stopover in Wuhan will not. Tomorrow the flight to South China airlines, for the first time in many years, will fly directly from Guangzhou to Sheremetyevo. In the midst of coronavirus — Hubei province — isolated more than 30 million people. The death toll has risen to 18.

live local TV channels are potential carriers of a new kind of pneumonia instruct news anchors. Wuhan and its large agglomeration of five cities in the quarantine blockade.

the Exact number of Russians in closed by the Chinese authorities in the cities figures out the Embassy of our country in Beijing.

at Exactly 10 am railway station of the Wuhan military take to the ring. Block inputs and outputs. 11-million metropolis, where and started a massive attack deadly coronavirus declared a closed zone.

shut down all public transport. Closed flights. To leave Wuhan is now possible only by special permission.

Wuhan airport not only sends, but not receives flights. Today we are faced with this. On the scoreboard, the Peking airport in front of our plane Wuhan — red “cancel”. And the message sent a few hours prior to registration “in accordance with the requirements of public safety, your flight to Wuhan cancelled.”

So local authorities are trying to minimise the spread of infection. It has already infected more than 600 people. Thousands of those who had contact with them — quarantined under constant surveillance. New cases one by one record around the world.

the news starts now with an alarming announcement: “95 people are in critical condition, 25 people have died”.

Fainting at a Mall in Shanghai is one of the symptoms of coronavirus — now the reason for the immediate arrival of a brigade of epidemiologists.

Doctors are on duty with the mobile isolators. Suspected virus transporterowych only in them. And disinfect the whole area after it turned out that in one of apartments of the house lived with pneumonia.

Total disinfection in all public places in Beijing. Almost all masks. They only hope. In Wuhan without bandages on the street was forbidden to go at all.

“If you look out the window, look outside, you will see that the city is absolutely empty. Today I went out on the street and even in supermarkets are doctors and at the inlet to measure the temperature,” — said Timur Murzagali.

“Leave Wuhan, I can not in the rest of China, a family can’t go a month”, — said Alexander Kalmykov.

exclusion Zone following the Wuhan local authorities announced Huanggang and Ezhou. And the upcoming holidays, the residents of Hubei province will hold the house. The Russian tourist industry captures a mass cancellation of trips of Chinese tourists.

Well, at border checkpoints on duty with Rospotrebnadzor, the Rosselkhoznadzor intrudes. Check every suitcase. As is already happening in Sheremetyevo. And this is footage from Pulkovo.

“There is a risk of penetration into our country of this virus, together with the food products, in this regard, the Rosselkhoznadzor will hold today a total test one hundred percent right,” said Julia in a few words, the adviser of the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Chinese doctors reported that to help in the treatment can extracorporeal oxygenation is the saturation of blood with oxygen.

After this procedure, the 53-year-old patient in Wuhan went to the amendment: “I was transferred to the hospital of Wuhan University, when I was already in a coma. Here I made a different antiviral injection and defended in full”.

whether the method can be successful or is it just a coincidence, too early.

But the U.S. state Department has already criticized the Chinese authorities of being slow: “the Reluctance of the Chinese authorities to act quickly, deprives the internationale community a sense of confidence about how the epidemic of the new virus doing in this country”.

In Washington if he did not hear any call XI Jinping is to prevent massive epidemic or statements by the world health organization on the eve praised Beijing for efficiency.

“Identification of the structure of the genome was done very quickly. But more importantly, it was immediately circulated in all countries”, — said Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General of the world health organization.

have Not looked at the state Department, apparently, your American news, where reporters of the same ABC showed all that he saw in China yourself: “Received the news that the government controls the flow of movement of people, and the tourists are forbidden to leave Wuhan”.

And so now all airports that accept flights from China.

For the hospitalization of a man with a confirmed coronaviruses Hong Kong watched live. From mainland China, he arrived on the bullet train, now searching for companions. And panic in the cities is growing.

This could be blamed on the new year hype, it’s already tomorrow in China for the long weekend many shops will be closed for a few days, but after authorities urged not to take to the streets — you need the more time to buy everything you need.

for the first time on the eve of a major holiday in China is not in a festive mood. Because of the threat of the epidemic, the authorities go on an unprecedented step – they cancel all public events. One of the landmarks of Beijing, the Forbidden city, now is still closed.