The voice that is impossible not to know: actress Valentina Talyzina celebrates anniversary

people’s artist of Russia, popular and beloved by many movie and theatre actress Valentina Talyzina January 22 marks the 85th anniversary.

Schoolgirl Valentina Illarionovna dreamed of becoming a historian, but went to study Economics in the College of agriculture. It was there that she began studying at the drama Studio. The theater was so fascinated by the future economist that Talyzina left school at the Institute and enrolled in GITIS.

the Actress does not like to celebrate anniversaries, and these days she is resting in the sanatorium. The Grand birthday celebration in her home theater of the Moscow Soviet, which she is 62 years old, was moved to March. In the lobby of the theater houses an exhibition devoted to the work Talyzina.

Over the years of working in the theatre she has played more than 40 roles in productions of Russian and foreign classics. In 2018, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Gorky, the city Council presented the premiere of “Vassa” Valentina Talyzina in the title role.

the Actress loved not only by theater audiences. Millions of fans know by heart her work. Vivid images in the movies “Old men-robbers”, “Zigzag udachi”, “Afonya”, “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, “Dostoevsky”, “non-professionals” can not leave anyone indifferent, as the voice of the mother of uncle Feodor from the cartoon about Buttermilk. Voice of Valentina Talyzina says the heroine, Lilita Ozolina in “the Long road to the dunes” and Barbara Brylska in “twist of fate” and the movie “First fast”.

the Actress won two “Golden eagles” for the best female roles in different years, and also awarded the order for merits in culture. congratulates Valentina Talyzina and wish her creative inspiration, new and interesting roles in theater and cinema and good health!