The warming in Russia will continue until the end of the week

Exceeding temperature standards in almost all territory of Russia will remain until the end of this week.

As transfers TASS, the public was informed by the acting Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

the Weatherman said that on 8 January, the deviation from the climatic norm in the South of the European part of Russia will amount to +4°…+8°, and in North-West +12°.

as for the Asian part of Russia, and there, according to Vilfand, the deviation ranges from +12° to +20°.

the Meteorologist said that the negative anomalies observed only in Chukotka, where colder than normal by 3-4 degrees.

as for the capital region, until 8 January expected warming to +2°, possible sleet, ice and wind 5-7 m / sec.