The weakened ruble and the grown oil prices brought the index Mosberg on 3100 points

the Index of Masuri updated the maximum. In the afternoon of 8 January, one of the main Russian stock indicators for the first time reached the milestone of 3,100 points. The index rose 0.7%, the RTS index also increased by 0.5% and exceeded 1576 points. The rise in the markets occurred amid a slight weakening of the ruble and rising oil prices.

the Ruble has weakened almost 40 cents against the dollar. Weighted average currency exchange rates in Moscow amounted to 62 rubles 23,27 penny. The Euro against the dollar and the ruble declined. The Euro against the ruble fell by 16 cents. Now for one Euro give only $ 69.

the Cost of the March futures for Brent crude oil exceeded $ 71 per barrel. The last time this price was recorded on 14 September 2019. After reaching the maximum, the price of Brent crude has corrected to the level of 68.68 per barrel. When conflict escalates, oil prices could rise to $ 70-80 per barrel of oil.

In Russia, the leaders of growth shares were the shares of “inter RAO UES”. They gained weight and 4.4%. Shares in NOVATEK rose by 3.5%, and LUKOIL has risen in price by 1.8%.

the Dollar amid risk in light of the escalating conflict between the USA and Iran went down, but also corrected. The contract on index S&P 500 went to plus 0.1%.

the Rise in oil prices comes amid exchange of blows and threats between the US and Iran. On 3 January, the Pentagon attacked Baghdad airport. The explosion of the rocket killed the commander of the special forces, “al-Quds” Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani and his entourage. Tehran responded on 8 January attack two us military bases in Iraq. Washington has promised to leave Iran without the oil industry.

in addition, on January 8 during takeoff from Tehran airport fell the airplane Boeing 737 of the company “Ukraine International airlines”. All on Board were 176 passengers and crew members died. A preliminary version of accident is called a technical failure of the aircraft engine.