The weather forecasters: the rains are over, summer begins

In Moscow, Thursday may be the record number of rainfall intensity. This warn forecasters. In the Central part of Russia on the eve and on this night there were heavy showers. A major city went under water. According to forecasters, the capital of the new record. But the worst in terms of weather is behind us.

In the regions of Central Russia swept the next wave of anomalous rainfall. The rains began the day before in the afternoon, and after only a few hours Tambov, Ryazan and Tula drowned. The streets flowed real rivers, cars were stalling out right on the roadway.

In the same Ryazan only for today’s night fell to 38 mm of precipitation (half of the monthly norm). In Tambov — 25 mm Over 20 mm recorded the weather station of the Moscow and Kaluga regions. Values sky-high! But even they pale in comparison to that shown by the meteorological station of the town of Uzlovaya in Tula oblast: 138 mm per day is just 12 hours. If the rain somewhere in the humid tropics, it would still be considered something beyond good and evil.

the Main risk of showers right now is a flood. Just a few days ago, the region already has experienced a wave of record-breaking precipitation, and rivers immediately began to rapidly climb. This process continues today. Video from flood-affected areas of users spread in the social network literally every day. “If that falls in — all Khan. Three meters the water rose! If not for the fence — Khan, was swum,” says an eyewitness.

According to the latest information, a certain river of Central Russia have risen by several meters. For example, in Obninsk, Protva may 28 gained almost 4.5 meters. Rapidly growing Moscow, Oka and Klyazma. Moreover, these data do not take account of yesterday’s downpours. With high probability, in the coming days, the scale of floods will increase significantly.

the Weather in bolISA part of the Russian plain continues to define old stormy vortex with a center over Eastern Ukraine. Almost a week he could not overcome the resistance of the Scandinavian anticyclone, and because atmospheric fronts “hung” in almost the same place. The day before he managed to press a hotbed of high-pressure fronts moved North. And in their zones of increased temperature gradients. The consequence of steel showers in the center of the country.

Today, the front sections will go further to the North-East. So the heavy showers will occur in the North Central district, North-West of the country and in the Volga region. However, in other regions of European Russia while will be cloudy and quite rainy. But the key word here is yet. Past heavy precipitation events has marked a drastic change in the weather trend. The prolonged period of bad weather is over and summer begins. Today because of the retreat of the anticyclone on the Russian plain have formed sustainable South stream. Currently, the region began to flow very warm air from North of the Caspian sea. And tomorrow he will be focused as much as from the Mediterranean sea. Consequently, the warming will only increase.

the Heat will finish even to St. Petersburg, where it was pretty posledno. Today the city on the Neva will be at the mercy of the front sections, which came from the South-East. The sky over the Northern capital will be closed dense blanket of rain clouds. According to the calculations, can be about 10 mm of rain, or nearly a fifth of the June norm. The temperature will not exceed 16 degrees. But in the future the weather will improve, air will get warm to a comfortable 24 degrees.

In Moscow, today we expect to plus 20 degrees, which is consistent with the climate of June. Rain is still possible. They will bring less than 5 mm of rain. Tomorrow this weather will continue. But the weekend precipitation will practically be stopped, the thermometer readings connect with each other.utsya to 23-25 degrees, and in the beginning of next week the temperature will rush to the mark plus 30 degrees.

Text: Meteotest