The weather on the day of the Victory Parade: what surprises to expect

75 years ago the morning during a parade in 1945, which took place on 24 June, it was cloudy and rainy. At 10 o’clock, with the battle of the Kremlin chiming clock, Georgy Zhukov took the parade on a white horse went to Red square. A place to move to meet him, took the parade commander Konstantin Rokossovsky. The parade lasted for two hours in the pouring rain. In Moscow that day was pretty cool. Even in the middle of the day the temperature could not rise above the level of plus 15 degrees.

the 23 hours of 100 balloons raised with the gunners, volleys flew 20 thousand rockets. The culmination of the celebration was the cloth with the image of the order of Victory, which appeared in the sky in the spotlight.

this time, extensive cyclonic depression will cover a large part of Siberia and the Far East. There will not be no rain, and in the middle and Lower Ob to the storm added to a tangible cold. Atmospheric front will trigger showers and thunderstorms in southern Russia. But Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, North-West and center of European Russia will be in the region of the anticyclone.

in Moscow the weather will be quite comfortable. The probability of rain is small, and the temperature regime is mild hot. In the morning in the capital, about plus 18, in the middle of the day the thermometer will rise to plus 26. By the beginning of the fireworks come evening freshness – plus 17-19.

Text: Meteotest