The weekend will appreciate the long-awaited summer warmth

From the Barents to the Black sea the temperatures will be typical for early June values. Almost everywhere will be warm, short summer rains.

According to forecasters, in Moscow is expected to partly cloudy on Saturday in separate areas will pass short-term rains, the temperature will get warm from +21 to +23 degrees. Sunday precipitation is not expected, the air warms up to +24-26.

on Saturday in the Northern Capital are waiting for the rains, sometimes with thunderstorms, daytime temperatures will be from 17 to 19 degrees Sunday – rain, warms up to 21-23 degrees Celsius.

In the Russian North due to an anticyclone, warm and Sunny, with intermittent summer showers. In Murmansk 16-18, In Naryan-Mar +21-23, in Arkhangelsk and Syktyvkar +22-24.

In Kursk, Voronezh and Lipetsk +24-26, but not without a storm of showers.

the Inhabitants of the Volga region with thunderstorms expected until the afternoon hours. In Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday at about +20 on Sunday will become warmer to +25. In Penza, Saransk and Samara to 22. In Volgograd on Saturday air will get warm to +26, and Sunday +29-31. In Astrakhan, really hot +30-32, without precipitation.

on Saturday In Rostov-na-Donu +26-28, in Krasnodar to +30, Sunday +31-33. In Yalta and Sevastopol to +30, in Sochi 23-25 degrees.

the Weather in the South of Western Siberia will determine the cyclone in the Eastern regions, places will pass short-term rains. In Novosibirsk on Saturday +14-16, Sunday +18-20 with a chance of rain. In Omsk precipitation is not expected, +21-23.

In Primorye and Khabarovsk region will not be without short-term rains. In Blagoveshchensk to +24. In Khabarovsk on Saturday +19-21, on Sunday, no rain — until +24. In Vladivostok on Saturday will be Sunny, the air warms up to 18-20, Sunday +14-16.