The wife of Viktor Proskurin said the cause of his death

Artist Viktor Proskurin died at the age of 69 years after an attack of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), said his wife Irina Honda. When the attack happened, she called an ambulance. The artist was taken to the hospital, hooked up to a ventilator, but efforts of doctors were vain.

Honda added that her husband smoked, but the exact causes of COPD she doesn’t know. This is a very insidious disease that destroys the lungs, the person becomes unbearable. Died FROM it died Danelia, Oleg Efremov, Igor Kvasha.

the actor’s Wife said that he was connected to a ventilator not because of the coronavirus infection. The alcohol is not consumed. Yet Proskurina had cancer but is in remission, reports KP.

Viktor Proskurin was born in 1952. Loved by Russian audiences for his roles in the films “Big change”, “a Cruel romance”, “the treasures of Agra”.