The winners of the order of Pirogov grateful for the appreciation of their work

the Russian doctors Pirogov was awarded the order for his contribution in the fight against coronavirus, believe that they have received the awards show given by Russian President commending the work of not only the awardees, but also the whole staff of the medical institution in which he works.

In accordance with the decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded orders Pirogov, in particular, the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health, head of Department of pneumology sechenovskiy University Sergey Avdeev and chief geriatrician of the Ministry of health, Director of the Russian gerontological scientific clinical center, Russian national research medical University named after Pirogov Olga Tkachev.

the Latter expressed his gratitude for such high appreciation of their work. However, according to Tkacheva, it is also the assessment of all work which is devoted to the development of medical care of elderly people. “I think that we in recent years have made significant progress”, — quotes the words of the medic to RIA Novosti.

the head of the medical centre recalled that the centre was redeveloped for the reception of patients with the coronavirus, and now the doctors can return to normal conditions. Tkachev expressed the hope that from 1 July, the centre will move to the usual operation.

Avdeev also thanked his team for good support. He noted that output in April and may holidays employees of the University sechenovskiy was not. “All people in University: doctors, teachers, scientific workers put aside their articles, scientific papers, everything was thrown on the medical field. And ultimately the salvation of men,” — said Avdeev.

the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, in turn, congratulated the Russian medical workers on their professional holiday, noting that thanks to them, the domestic health care system worthy of being tested in the fight against coronavirus. “Doctors, paramedics, nurses, Junior medical staff — all you really haveunique professionals with a lot of heart and soul, devotees of their profession, which has become a true calling and passions,” said the Prime Minister in a telegram published on the website of the Russian government.

With the professional holiday of the Russian health care workers and congratulated the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. A video greeting posted on Sunday visit the Deputy head of the security Council “Vkontakte”.