The woman sat for two days in the kitchen because of the evil cat that did not let her

a Resident of Arkhangelsk was blocked for two days because of an angry cat that did not let her out of the kitchen. To help the woman to be able to passer-by and rescue service staff.

the Incident occurred on 17 January and 19 January, the landlady was able to get “out of prison.” The thing is that as soon as the woman tried to leave the room, the rabid cat attacked her.

As reports “Dvina-inform”, the inhabitant of Arkhangelsk appealed for help to the local passerby. That, in turn, called rescuers. Officers came up the stairs to the apartment window to get inside. Rescuers have caught the cat with blankets. The animal was placed in a kennel, which he handed to the landlady, reported on the Agency’s website.

How the cat behaves currently, is not specified. It is known that the woman was not injured from the actions of the enraged animal, and did not need medical care.