The woman told the President, declared invalid

Nadezhda Panchenko, who asked on Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin to help her 94-year-old mother to receive benefits, said that “spun the wheel” of social assistance.

on Saturday, said Nadezhda Panchenko TASS, her mother Sophia Stepanovna was attended by representatives of the authorities and the pension Fund Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region.

“was Discharged on Monday to get the card of the invalid of the first group, on Tuesday are going to revise the pension. Looked at the conditions in which the grandmother lives,” said Panchenko.

on Saturday after laying flowers at the memorial cemetery Piskaryovskoye Nadezhda Panchenko asked the President to help her 94-year old mother to put her benefits and medications. Six years ago, Sophia Stepanovna in the fall broke her hip and since then does not arise.

the Doctors refused to take an elderly woman for 25 kilometers to the hospital for examination. Then bazargani delayed clearance of disability. Sophia Stepanovna – a veteran of the great Patriotic war and labor veteran.