Theatres Babkina and Kadysheva has denied reports brawl singers

theatre “Russian song” and “Golden ring” has denied the information about the fight singers and Nadejda Babkina Nadegda Kadysheva. Related posts representatives of artists called the fake.

In the theatre Babkina told that the singer can’t afford even the sharp expressions in the address each other, not that physical.

“Such a situation has never been such abuse of the actress can not afford to address each other, – quotes RIA Novosti the representative of “Russian song”. – Nadezhda Georgievna refutes this information”.

the press service of “Golden ring”, meanwhile, reported that a book that supposedly described the episode with the fight between singers, does not exist.

Earlier, the showman Rustam Solntsev has resulted in Instagram is an excerpt of some of his memoirs of Hope Kadysheva, which describes her encounter with a colleague at the scene. From this fragment indicated that the artist came to blows during the recording of Christmas TV show a few years ago.