There remains only the mask: Andrey Vorobyov told about the removal of restrictions in the suburbs

Governor Andrei Vorobyov, in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” told about the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, and the easing of restrictions due to the coronavirus.

– the turnout exceeded 40 percent. Do you expect further growth? And how do you assess the overall vote?

Voting is going well with us. We did and home-based voting, but voting is very popular in the yards. It is very convenient! Don’t waste any time, safely. Electoral Commission work. Moscow oblast yesterday voted by 52 percent. July 1 – day off, and I am sure that residents of suburbs you will find the opportunity to vote for the Constitution.

– Tell us how to ensure security at the polling stations? Recorded any violations during the voting?

– About the violation I didn’t hear them, thank God, no. Everything is in quiet mode. Very convenient format if you have several days to vote, can be planned, or be able to come to the polling station, or vote in the courtyard, as I said. All work on the new standards. It is clear that quite a lot of contact from members of election commissions, observers, and their presence is required. Therefore, security measures are taken: sanitizer, masks, gloves, temperature measurement is the reality of our lives, and they complied, of course, to prevent infection with coronavirus.

– Andrey, in Moscow removed many of the restrictions. Some of them remain, in addition to the ban on public events? And when you plan the next stage of lifting restrictions?

– we Have Monday remains only a mask and a ban on public events. Starting July 1, we open all the registry offices, the MFC. We are opening sports facilities – children and adults can begin to engage in sports sections, circles.

we just Have a huge request to open a kindergarten! Parents slaveutaut and, of course, begged, even demanded, as soon as possible to open kindergartens. We opened on-duty groups, but it was not enough. Therefore, after the analysis, the chief medical officer such an opportunity. From Monday all the kids whose parents work or are not yet in the holiday can go to kindergartens. These events, in fact, complete the cycle constraints. Once again, mask in public places, and public events still have limitations.

As for the coronavirus, the hospitalization we fall, the test lead is actively. The number of cases decreases, but we see what happens in other countries, and keep our eyes open, because there is a task to avoid a second wave or a flash. So continue to talk with residents and ask them all has to be protected, especially older people.

As practice shows, the young are often carriers of the virus, if not chronic diseases, but the older generation we should cherish. So explain, trying to mask we had everywhere and at discounted prices. Thank God they price is reduced, demand has decreased, production has increased. And I think that the price will return to its original values – 5, 7 or 10 cents per mask, which is much cheaper than it was at the peak of the pandemic.

Now the main focus is the economy.

– I just wanted to ask you: how do you assess the impact of the pandemic on the economy of the region? And when the projected return to the same economic indicators? You’ve probably noticed, what areas remained afloat still, and which are most severely affected, in addition to restaurants and entertainment?

– Pandemic hit hard, probably, for each region. We have airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, where tens of thousands of people working and they were idle. We are a leading company in the country Aeroflot was, she did not fly. And generally the kick and earnings and NDFL in three to four months, of course, palpable. And here is a very important and timely support of the Federal government. We all this time, all the time in communication and in partnership, and it helps the regions. And here without the help can not do! But the goal is to assist factories, plants, businesses, maximum return to the turnover of the trade. In the Moscow region, 26 per cent of the gross regional product comes from manufacturing. So, I hope that we’ll catch up. But of course, we see that the blow was struck, we lost a lot of money.

it is Clear that all social guarantees we will save, no problem here. But I want to grow, want to improve the suburbs, want to build interchanges, roads, kindergartens, schools. Our region is growing by nearly 100 thousand a year, and all it requires is extra sweet, but trouble.

Let’s start to support the economy. Investors come to us, please! We will provide new investors attention. Those who are experiencing problems, you can always call the number 0150 and ask any questions if suddenly found itself in a difficult situation or in trouble.