There was a photo of a rare annular solar Eclipse

netizens publish the first pictures of the rare annular solar Eclipse, observed on Sunday, June 21, in many countries of the world. In Russia it can be seen only partially, preferably in the South of the Altai region.

a Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Moon fully or partially blocks (eclipses) the sun from the observer on Earth. A solar Eclipse is possible only during the new moon when the side of the moon facing Earth is not lit, and the Moon itself is not visible. Eclipses are possible only when new moon occurs near one of the two lunar nodes — the points of intersection of the apparent orbits of the Sun and moon — not more than about 12 degrees from one of them.

the Annular Eclipse is the most rare. The last time such an Eclipse was observed on 10 June 2002, and the next predicted to happen on July 13, 2037-th, reports RIA Novosti. Full solar Eclipse Muscovites will be able to see in 2126 year, said the scientific Director of Moscow planetarium Faina Rublev.

Solar Eclipse over our house in Delhi. Photo By Yuri Pakhomov.
Yuri believes that the sun today like a Cheshire cat.

— Olga Nikushkina (@ONikushkina) June 21, 2020