the Plane had serious problems during takeoff, the crew could not gain altitude, and the ship being diverted, said the surviving passengers of the airline Bek Air.

“At 07:05 plane was supposed to rise into the air. But this time was detained. I took a NAP. Woke up when the plane began to gain altitude. It turns out that the plane had already twice rose and lost altitude. Then there was a terrible sound — whether the engine, or something else. The plane was flying crooked. Everything was like in the movies: yelling, screaming, crying people,” said one of the victims.

the Tragedy occurred at 07:22 am on December 27, a few minutes after takeoff Fokker-100. Liner with 93 passengers on Board lost altitude, struck a concrete guardrail and crashed into two-storey structure. The number of victims, according to the latest data, has reached 15 people, the hospital delivered 66 passengers, 50 of them were hospitalized, 12 of them are in serious condition.

“We on Board could not understand what happened. When he came to, looking in front of me everything is closed. I was sitting on the airplane wing. Steward, we opened the exit, and we left. When the passengers saw that the plane was split in half,” — said another passenger.

the Airliner crashed about two kilometers from air port. Currently rescuers continue parsing the rubble in search of survivors.