There was an assumption who was in the jeep with a drunken Ephraim

Colleagues of Michael Ephraim, who on the evening of 8 June provoked a road accident with a deadly outcome in the center of Moscow, continue to comment on this tragedy.

Earlier it was reported that departed in his jeep into the oncoming lane Efremov was very drunk.

the actor Himself serious injuries not received, but the driver whose car he rammed in the forehead, later died in hospital.

Immediately after the accident, there were reports that the actor in his jeep wasn’t alone. It is not known who were his passengers (or passenger), but in the press well-known personalities have repeatedly expressed the view that they are moral also partly to blame for the tragedy, because it allowed Ephraim to sit down drunk behind the ruble.

Such is also the opinion of a famous actor Alexander Pankratov-Black. In an interview with “Fifth channel” he said that Mikhail Efremov could never drink alone.

“So, someone was near. Knew that he will sit behind the wheel (…) And these drinking buddies could not stop? Friends called,” says Pankratov-Black.

the same opinion, and daughter of Ephraim Anna Maria.

it is Known that soon after the accident, there appeared many famous actors: Sergey Garmash, Nikita Vysotsky, Ivan stebunov. It was first supposed that he was in the car with Ephraim, but the actor denied it. Also at the scene were seen, and the actress Daria Belousova.

it is Noteworthy that in Instagram Stebunova shortly before the tragedy there was a photo marked with the address “pereulok Plotnikov” (where and was driving drunk Efremov), which depicted he, Ephraim, and the Belousov — they all work together in the theater “Contemporary”.

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according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, it Belousova could be in a jeep with a drunken of Ephraim, when the accident occurred.

moreover, according to the publication, the actors for about a year have close relations.

the Ex-husband of Darya Belousova comment this assumption is abandoned, and another of Ephraim’s wife Sofya Kruglikova said that in recent years is in the country and with Michael communicates only by telephone.

This assumption would confirm the fact that on interrogation in police the actor took it out of the house business class in the Kazarmenny lane, where he lives Darya Belousova.

However, the police of Moscow on the morning of 10 June has denied the information on what Mikhail Efremov was in the car not one.

on the Evening of 9 June, Mikhail Efremov was sent under house arrest, compliance with which will be supervised by the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

the Medical examination showed that during the accident, the actor was drunk, besides, in the blood were found traces of cocaine and cannabinoids, reports “Russia 24”. Guilt Yefremov acknowledged, and called the incident “monstrous.”