Winning a house, for the modest sum of 10 euros, is possible! A Belgian real estate agent is putting his 18th century mansion up for sale on the site What are the places like, and how can you enter the competition? Planet shares with you all the information you need to know before trying your luck.

As confirmed by Le Parisien, this imposing Belgian residence (“Le Richmond”) from the 18th century has 6,700 m² of land, and is made up of four accommodations, “five guest rooms, allowing the future buyer to be an annuity, pocketing 6,600 euros per month. On his social networks, the real estate agent behind this low-price sale, Valere Duchenne, explains the rules for winning the property:

“You buy a 10 euro ticket, this opens a questionnaire where you answer two multiple choice questions, and by having answered this questionnaire, you have the possibility of estimating the prize (of the residence). Whoever wins is the one that will come as close as possible to the estimate made by the expert.” A competition for which he has been working for almost a year, and which he had hoped to set up for several years.

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Faced with such an opportunity, there are many skeptical people. But the real estate agent seems to have the answer to everything: “There are regulations around this obviously, here a complete file is made”. Among the documents provided: electrical checks, firefighters, the administration of planning permits, “all that is in order” he retorts. In addition, to reassure the last holdouts, Valère Duchenne promises personalized support to the future owner of the premises.

However, it is not certain that one person will win the prize. The current owner of the property reserves the right to end the competition in the event of lack of participation. Still according to Le Parisien, a refund will take place, or a compensation package will be offered (a BMW car with a value of around 50,000 euros).