This has not been on Parade revealed more than 20 new combat vehicles

the Victory Parade 2020 will be remembered, above all, an abundance of the latest fighting machines. More than 20 models of weapons for the first time demonstrated a wide audience in red square. The appearance of some was kept secret almost until June 24.

It is, for example, about the latest heavy flamethrower system TOS-2 “Lisochka”. The main difference from the “Sun”, which has long been in service with the Russian army, is chassis. If earlier such a combat machine created on the basis of the tanks, it is now hard thrower is on the car “Ural”. It is expected that the new TOS-2 is faster than its predecessors.

Following the “TOBACCOS” in the parade were engineering a system for remote mining. They are designed for rapid installation of mine fields.

for the First time on red square has passed the coastal missile complex “Ball”. Launcher this DBK carry 8 anti-ship missiles Kh-35. Everyone is able to get the target at a distance of 120 kilometers and to put on the bottom of the ship with a displacement of up to 5 thousand tons. The entire complex, but this is CP and 4 launcher, capable of producing one salvo of 32 missiles.

two More new infantry fighting vehicle “kurganets-25” and the BMP on a platform of “Armata” combat module “Epoch” and “Dagger”. Both carry a 57-mm automatic cannons that can destroy aircraft and armored vehicles.

Main battle tank T-90M “Breakthrough” machine, toof course, the streamlined, however, so that it can be considered brand new. So, one of the most interesting features of the T-90M they can share information with each other in real time. Among other things, a “Breakthrough” has installed modern fire control system which has the automatic tracking of the target and the imager. On the roof of the tank appeared camera circular review.

Critical designated T-90M, the engine compartment and the base of the tower, close of anti shaped-charge screens. Plus the armor of the tank is covered with a special abrasive compound. It does not allow the crew to slip in the rain or cold.

the Second tank, the first time participating in the Parade — T-80БВМ. It is specifically designed for the Arctic units. The combat machine is a new gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 1,250 horsepower, gunner’s sight with thermal imager, stabilizer arms. Tank protected with reactive armor and carries a 125-millimeter cannon.

a major upgrade of machined and infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2. It installed the module “Berezhok”, and a whole Arsenal of weapons. In addition to the standard 30-mm cannon and machine gun in the turret of an armored vehicle placed 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-30. It is capable per minute to produce more than 400 high-explosive grenades to a distance of 2 kilometers.

Also on the “Beach” is 4 launchers guided missiles. Among them are cumulative, designed to destroy enemy armored vehicles and temperature — to suppress enemy infantry in shelters. The combat module has received a ballistic computer, automatic target tracking, a stabilizer and a thermal imager, which allows you to fire at any time of the day.

Reactive system of volley fire “Tornado-C” – also new to the red square. It is an upgraded MLRS “Smerch”. In less than 40 seconds, she released 12 300-mm shells, which cover a solid heat to 60 hectares. Maximum firing range is 120 miles away.

the Newest air defense system presented anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk-M3”. SAM is a medium range: the range of the intercept targets up to 70 kilometers. At the same time one launcher can fire up to 6 aircraft.

in Addition to the “Buck” on the cobblestones of red square first came anti-aircraft missile systems s-350 “Vityaz”. It also applies to air defense systems medium range: the missile’s range to 60 miles, and one launcher carries 12 missiles. In the future, “knight” to replace the army s-300.

Not without anti-aircraft missile systems of small range. This, for example, “Derivation-defense” with a 57-millimeter guns and “tor-M2”. The last SAM is able to cover the troops during movement. In tests it fired rockets at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The reaction time of “tor-M2” to the threat is only 5-10 seconds.

One launcher carries 16 missiles. Aircraft of the enemy new “Thor” finds more than 30 kilometers, and intercepts at ranges up to 15 kilometers.

it is Worth noting that the Parade was attended by anti-aircraft missile-gun complex “Pantsir-SM” with a new little missiles. It is assumed that they are designed to destroy small drones.

as for the aerial part of the Victory Parade, there were no novelties. However, this does not mean that the technique is Russian VKS does not develop. Just such weapons systems as hypersonic “Dagger” or fifth-generation fighter, the su-57, so far stepped into the future that their opponents have will not be soon.