After the deadly accident in Moscow, the actor Mikhail Efremov was forbidden to leave home to use the Internet and telephone. The court sent the actor under house arrest. Behind the wheel of his SUV Efremov drove into an oncoming car. The driver of the van died. How was the first hearing?

After in all senses of loud crashes Mikhail Efremov in the top of the news. Reporters of leading media, knowing that after the death of the victim Sergey Zakharov business retrained on heavier part of the article No. 264, forward of the main suspects near the capital dome and the house where artist. But questioning everything is delayed.

Dozens of journalists and police waiting for the honoured artist of Russia will go in for questioning. He had to be in GU Ministry of internal Affairs TSAO of Moscow at 11 am. But the clock is half past four, and Mikhail Efremov still at home.

Citing the poor health of the honored artist close several times call him an ambulance, but every time the doctors leave the patient without. It is reported that Michael Ephraim did with the sedative. After nearly five hours of waiting at the entrance, you receive a company car. The actor in the mask with a police escort and lawyers without delay gets in the car.

– Michael, you admit your guilt? – asked journalists.

Later Main Department of MIA in Moscow will distribute the video of the conversation in the apartment.

– You remember what happened yesterday at 21:44?
the Accident happened and therefore I’m in shock.
– were You drunk?
– Probably.
– how do You plead?
– where shall I go then?

In the Chapter — the interrogation, official detention, arraignment. In Tagansky court the actor already rides in the paddy wagon.

Hood, glasses, mask, handcuffs. The actor is clearly depressed. The agencies will scatter his quote: “All this, of course, monstrously”.

“of Course, I’m very tired… Probably would. I’m tired of this news.” The investigation seeks house arrest, and TAgan the court supports. Mikhail Efremov will stay at least until August 9 at his apartment in Plotnikov pereulok. He was taken to the place half an hour after the trial. The house artist was already waiting police.