on the first day of the New year — the first big premiere of the TV channel “Russia 1”. “Odessa boat” — a Comedy based on the works of famous and very favorite writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky. During filming the star of the author came from the star Director Sergei Ursulyak. The cast is also not modest: Irina Muraveva and Chulpan Khamatova Vladimir Mashkov, Sergei Makovetsky, Sergey Garmash… Names. Don’t miss out. 1 January at 18:30 on TV channel “Russia 1”. Why this movie is needed to watch?

Odessa. Zhvanetskiy. Ursulyak. And a whole constellation of artists. This movie is just a holiday for you!

“This is pure adventure, and I like that the channel is not young, and I’m not young, but we are still able to revive, no longer know what”, — says Sergey Ursulyak.

the Artists are incredible. Sergei Makovetsky in a white tunic and sandals touching. Vladimir Mashkov — a mermaid on my shoulder and stretched the vest. Chulpan Khamatova — Flirty in her robe.

“It was my debut in the hands of Sergei Ursulyak — said Chulpan Khamatova. — I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness, I’m jealous. It’s a pleasure.”

“This movie is made with love by people who love movies, zhvanetskogo and its a great country even if we are talking about a country which no longer exists. But we all come from there”, — said Vladimir Mashkov.

the film is set in the 70-ies of the last century, when we were bad, but good. Sergei Ursulyak carefully brings to the screen 13 miniatures Mikhail Zhvanetsky — for the first time takes an absolute Comedy.

an Incredible kaleidoscope of stories, intriguing interweaving of destinies. Husband suddenly returns from a business trip, the waitress will stand at the helm of the ship, and the chief of the transport Department, finally, will talk about finding inner reserves.

“Everyone knows intonation Zhvanetsky and it is terrible to be worse than this tone or not to get it” — skahall Igor zolotovitski.

“This text is not from the head but from the present of Odessa, this street, from the restaurant design office”, — said Sergey Garmash.

Garmash orchestra on “Zaporozhets” dashing taxied to the arch to act out a hilarious scene.

Odessa is of course another main character of the film. The place of action even in the scenery is determined accurately. It is a city-tale, city, woven from dreams and memories, so dear and recognizable to the smallest detail, and the same cozy Odessa yard, which I would like to live another day.

Here in the hot sun dried apples, and cute heart signs is recommended to respect the work of janitor and never washed under the tap. And what are the neighbors!

“I Have no text, so it all turned out well. This is the focus of the film, even in the little story thing and invented life”, — said Mikhail Porechenkov.

Irina Muravyova sells seeds, Pavel Derevyanko jumping from the roof. Nina Usatova is calling Baba Yaga: “Odessa ship” — the rare case when the set of the Comedy, and the Playground was so fun.

Homeric funny, nostalgically sad. And how many the film will have music! “Odessa boat” sailing on the waves of memory. The word Zhvanetsky will pick up the song.

Solo unrecognizable Timofey Tribunal, but will be in the film and a choir of 60 people. And in the wedding sing all without exception: and people, and honored.

“Sergei Ursulyak is able to collect artists. We will be happy to play for the audience, and I believe we’ll see the whole country. More than once,” said Svetlana Kryuchkova.

“It turned out bigger than I thought, — admitted Mikhail Zhvanetsky. I don’t even know the script and don’t want to. I want to see it all in a free pose in the dark room next to the wife and my friend. I will complain: it is impossible, look what they did!”

Michael vanetsthe cue plays of the author, and he, of course this film Declaration of love.

And “the Odessa steamer” will sing the national anthem of the Grand illusion cinema, worship the geniuses of Comedy, and I will praise the talent of the artists. A film by Sergei Ursulyak is a real work of art: from the opening credits — such as in our film was not from “the Diamond hand” — and before the final song.

Text: “News of the week”