the Pickets at the embassies of Britain and the United States in Moscow. The reaction to the facade of promoting homosexuality. Who else joined in the month of pride? Out of self-interest.

“Every day dozens of guys to go with friends on hundreds of thousands of rubles in cash, for the wrong locations. Sushi go out, the drivers lose time, chefs translate the products in vain.” Quote of the post in the “Facebook” Petersburg blogger Alexei Larkin.

the Blogger said about the struggle of the Russian public with popular chain of restaurants. Who suddenly decided to join the “pride month”. Changed my avatar in social networks on the six-color rainbow, a symbol of the so-called LGBT movement. But all dissenters, as stated, frankly rude in his “Instagram”Director.

by the Way, in the comments of the post Larkin also have a copy of Deputy inquiry to the Prosecutor with the requirement to assess all of this for the possible promotion of homosexuality among minors. Well actually — there is an obvious attempt to fit in with international trends.

Here at least, the example of the German automakers, synchronous perekrasivshis their logos in a similar way. And many other large international companies, whose efforts now it is time to talk about global offensive non-traditional agenda.

the Life of this black is unlikely to mean anything. Player of the canadian team in American football, Christian Jones started Sunday morning with a tweet with the following text: “a man should not be with a man, a woman should not be with a woman”. By the evening of the same day the athlete, who spoke on the position of the kick-return, I learned that a tweet – not a Sparrow, and with it you can’t catch the rapidly dying career. The LGBT community has demanded the club “Edmonton Eskimos” to break the contract with the athlete who dared to spoil their festive mood on the occasion of the so-called Month of pride.

“They are now trying to fire me! Black malesina, who’s expressing his opinion on Twitter, many are disgusting. People understand: I don’t care if I get fired because I stand my ground. The opinion must be,” replied Jones.

Rainbow dictatorship in the so-called pride feels no less strong, and is known for its categorical movement “black Laws Metter”. For example, in California require that airport in orange County was renamed. Yet it bears the name of the star westerns John Wayne. After more than 40 years after his death, the Hollywood star recalled statements about animosity towards gays and lesbians, and the current rules to honor the memory of such a person is not allowed. How not to have to count on the support, for example, deeply religious people who want to keep their values.

“what a contradiction. If the position of your religion does not justify homosexual acts and relationships, expressing the position of their faith, you insult the feelings of the members of this group”, — says Grigory Krasovsky, a lawyer.

pride in the end of last week and got to the heart of the Russian capital. Embassies of USA and great Britain in Moscow, Western diplomats was decorated with the rainbow flag. The joy of “pride month” many Russians to divide failed. Public activist Timur Bulatov wrote a statement to the police on the staff of diplomatic missions. According to the man, he received the answer: is responsible for the promotion shall be fined 50 thousand rubles. For the propaganda.

“Well, that’s right, in my opinion. We have rule of law. And those people who are on the territory of Russia, they must observe our law. Not their own, and our”, — said Timur Bulatov, head of the organization “the First moral of the Russian front”.

With the same ideas, under the slogan “Our country – our values” to the buildings of the American and British embassies on the pickets came out Orthodox activists.

“Very well, what the British and Americans saw that it was not just the state’s position, and the position of the society. The rejection of this kind marochnyh forcibly unexplained deviations, which they demonstrate,” said Vitaly Milonov, Deputy of the State Duma of Russia.

the Moscow Patriarchate has already commented, the fears of those who defend the tradition, the Church divides, and each country has the right to inviolability of their values, including those related to marriage and family. In General, if someone in Russia is willing under the law to protect what is dear to him, to apologize for that he doesn’t have.