Three days without food and adults: in Moscow, the mother had locked the children in the apartment

Leaving in danger and non-execution of duties on education of minors is a criminal case under two articles has brought the police once found in one of the Moscow apartments of five children aged two to 12 years. The mother left them without food for a few days. How could this happen and where I watched the guardianship?

Trim a torn — most likely, it had to be done a policeman who came to rescue the children. Door, law enforcement officers broke out. Now no one is home.

the apartment has five children, the eldest of whom is twelve years old and the youngest only two years old, spent three days alone without adults. Their mother left alone with virtually no food. Hearing the cries of the children, the neighbors called the police. The mother came home, when children were no longer there. It is known that she is unemployed, living on benefits. Neighbor nothing good to say about it can not. The father of the children education is also not involved.

— And the father of the kids?

— Sits in prison.

— And for what?


However, some sympathize with Elena.

She went to the country. A month ago there was a fire, the house burned down. It is, of course, carried the children back. Most have to travel apart. Her coming to help.

With Elena we did not speak. Picked up a man who called himself a friend.

the Large family has long been on the account in bodies of guardianship. Currently, all children feel good. Their life and health threatens nothing. All children are temporarily sent to the support Center of family and childhood. With them psychologists work.

To the guardianship authorities now have questions from the Investigative Committee.

“In the investigators will give a legal assessment to actions of officials of bodies of guardianship and guardianship” — said the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

Criminal the case against mother is brought under two articles. There is a big possibility that rights to all five Elena Rob.