Three fishermen rescued from ice floes separated

Three fishermen rescued from ice floes severed. Because of the low tide the ice in the sea was split and reach the shore men themselves could not. The Old Fun them delivered to Magadan rescuers, reports GTRK “Magadan”.

every day the inspectors of the Ministry of emergency situations warn anglers of the dangers of exit and exit on the ice, which is now unstable due to the weather. In another RAID along with the rescuers went Nikita Haveri. This is a photo of three fishermen, who were on the torn off ice floe. Men were fishing at a distance of two hundred meters from the shore in the Bay of Gertner, but after low tide, when the cracks split, was thinking how to get to sushi.

every time, say inspectors GIMS, even preventing listening reluctantly. The ice that covers the sea of Okhotsk is heterogeneous now. As the staff of GIMS, it is frozen in the ice plate. The storm during the new year holidays pushed the coverage in the Bay of Nagaevo, but Gaertner was prevented by the clamping wind.

Oleg Averyanov, the head of Department on Affairs GO and emergency of the mayoralty of Magadan, said:

– the thickness of the ice today, 70-80 centimeters, but she’s not around the field. That is 70-80 here, where to step aside, there is 50-60 centimeters, well, it’s frozen ice, that is not so when the frosts come, and it begins to freeze, no, it froze, then it broke and, consequently, the ice thickness is different everywhere.

Clearly the situation on the ice can be seen from the top. The cover looks like a sheet of exercise book in a cage. All cracks that at any moment can crack. That to go out and especially to travel on the ice is prohibited, says the ruling of the mayor of Magadan from the 2017 year. The safe movement on ice – hovercraft, which is used by the rescuers.

the Probability that the ice plate will move, increases warming, which every cyclone fix employees GIMS. But the warnings are not confused fans of winter fishing and some go to the landfast ice.

Here from the area the miner more six kilometers. the ice is thinner, and cracks a lot more, however, fishermen are not afraid of it. Go on cars, go fishing, despite the fact that catch almost none.

If a person fell through the ice, he needs to try to stay afloat, it is best to lie on your back, stretch your hands and try to get out. Those who come for help have to crawl up and throw the victim a rope. However, the Magadan fishermen all a little easier.

Well, the crack split, well, dived, surfaced, had dried, on went what’s the problem?

During the RAID the fishermen distributed the memo, told about the dangers of being on the ice and pointed to the dangerous areas. But the thirst for loot was stronger. Even after that none of the fishermen left.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”