the government of the Ulyanovsk region will present to the Federal award posthumously the girl-the volunteer, which helped the needy during the epidemic of the coronavirus, despite the fourth stage of cancer. Those who are 19-year-old medical student Svetlana Anurova have time to help, do not get tired to thank her.

As told the girl’s mother Natalia Yurieva, in the beginning of the year my daughter began stomach pain, the girl had to undergo an operation.

“Then we misspelled histology. Was negative for cancer. She then put the correct diagnosis, it was possible to do something, would prolong her life for a few years”, – quotes the words of the mother “Ulyanovsk true.”

In early may, Svetlana again felt ill and was again admitted to hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer stage IV, inoperable tumor. On 12 may, the girl was discharged and she returned to volunteer activities continued to deliver products to elderly villagers. On 22 may she again was hospitalized, and on may 31 she was gone.

“Almost the whole of April we have not seen her. Then Sveta was already in pain and she still went and helped people, – said the girl’s mother. In that month and I called in sick, so she and I had time to heal.”

According to Natalia Anufrievoy, the daughter believed that the better, and never acted like she was sick.

At the funeral of the girl gathered all her native village of Karsun, including representatives of the College, where she studied. The girl’s mother said that she had dreamed since childhood of becoming a doctor and was going to continue training in Kazan.

Condolences in connection with death of Svetlana expressed by representatives of the movement “Volunteer doctors”.

“19-year-old Svetlana Anufrieva was one of the most active volunteers of the movement. From the first days of the campaign “We are together” volunteer carried products alone grandparents. Over a month of work self-performed 30 applications, always help in ops, – Russit seemed in motion, Volunteers Karsun volunteer staff of the all-Russian action “We are together” and the inhabitants of Karsun, which helped Svetlana, will keep your heart kind and light memory of this hero of our time”.

the Head of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov ordered to provide the family of Svetlana financial support. The regional authorities are working hard to introduce the girl posthumously to the Federal award, RIA Novosti reported.