Through the story of

At the end of March on the TV channel “Russia 1” aired a story about volunteers who are in a period of isolation imposed over coronavirus, assisted the elderly.

Among them was the smallest resident of Chelyabinsk Milutin Nikolaev.

childhood and youth she spent in the orphanage, because the mother abandoned it because of physical deficiencies.

Shortly after this story the program asked several women who on similarity of appearance suggested, whose daughter can be Miliutin.

In one case, it turned out that it is not, but with a family who felt in her a kindred spirit, they decided to be friends.

And then there was the long-awaited in the life Milutina event. Unbelievable but true: telezritelnitsa Natalia Zhukova I called the editor and told: her mother remembered that he had seen Milyutin in an orphanage when she was four, and she asked: “do you know who my mother is?”

the Woman was amazed that Milutin was a copy of her friend Irina Nikolaeva. She really passed the native daughter to the orphanage, and then took the abandoned baby girl normal growth. Moreover, it is also called Milyutina.

moreover: turned 18 years old Irina Nikolaeva pay the alimony on the maintenance of biological daughter, but it is not supported and was not interested in her fate.

How was the meeting Milutina mother and why she abandoned his native and adopted someone else’s child?

Where did the biological father of the girl, and what kind of woman was initially taken her for his daughter?

details of the story in the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.