Tick encephalitis has snuck into Moscow parks: Roskoshestvo recommends protection measures

the nature with a repellent, a white sheet and duct tape. Protective measures against ticks today published Roskoshestvo. The Agency recommended not to arrange picnic after the rain. Dangerous insects aktiviziruyutsya by mid-summer. In recent days, dozens of cases of tick bites registered in the Arkhangelsk region, in Moscow and the Moscow region.

– the challenge Before us is to explore the territory, the forest Park in Moscow on the presence of tick-borne encephalitis.

In the heat while repelling mosquitoes researcher of the CPS Marat Makenov is 5-10 kilometers. Looking for a new foci of tick-borne encephalitis.

up To this point was believed to be infected with tick-borne encephalitis in Moscow only in two district — Dmitrovsky and Taldomsky. But recent discoveries by Russian scientists have radically changed these perceptions. It turns out that the danger may lie in wait everywhere, even in parks.

Now it is a scientific fact. The first in the history of the capital, the seat of encephalitis found in the Park Krylatskoye. Ticks infected vacationers. When the place was examined by the biologists revealed that not only infected with insects, but many rodents and birds. And recently a new outbreak has occurred in the suburbs.

“a Collective outbreak of tick-borne encephalitis, when four people, relatives, fell ill almost simultaneously. It turned out that they were all staying in a country house in the Volokolamsk district and consumption of raw goat milk and goat cheese,” explains senior research scientist, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Marat Makenov.

That is, infection is not only transmitted through a bite, but the milk and meat of an infected animal. Now in places where previously no one would have thought to look for this virus, begin to emerge new sustainable homes. According to scientists, over the last 20 years the border the spread of encephalitis was moved 100 kilometers to the South — through the Yaroslavl and Tver region in Moscow.

“With climate change we have mites begin to spreadSya in the first place to the North, we have North border is shifted almost every year”, — says head of the Department of natural focal viral infections, Scientific centre named after M. P. Chumakov Institute of Galina.

As the bite of a tiny insect can in one moment to change lives, have experienced Anastasia Shiryaeva.

“Walk with a Walker, walking with a Walker on the street, but progress, already moving,” says the victim of the bite of encephalitic mite Anastasia Shiryaeva.

a 40-day coma, permanent disability is the result of walking in the city Park. Immunoglobulin was injected immediately after the sting. But it didn’t help. According to doctors, the total of vaccinations — the only way to avoid such severe consequences.

But in the suburbs about the total vaccination, as in the far East, in Siberia and the Urals have never said. It was believed that encephalitis is not here.

“now we Have conditionally vaccination as desired. But if the spread of disease, well, of course, to have a Protocol in which, for example, for a given zone mandatory vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis,” — said immunologist Xenia Nurulova.

While this issue is being discussed, the main advice given by the doctors, if you are bitten by a tick: be sure to keep it alive or at least to freeze, and as soon as possible to carry on laboratory analysis. This is the only way to protect yourself.