NFL insider Chris Simms could not think the speculation about Tebow along with the comparisons with Taysom Hill

Tim Tebow might wind up producing the Jacksonville Jaguars’ final roster prior to the beginning of this 2021 year, and there’s been speculation that he could be utilised in various packages like Taysom Hill is utilized for its New Orleans Saints.

NFL insider Chris Simms taken down the concept that Tebow could be a viable participant employed in these kinds of situations.

“Can’t think that this remains a topic. The only reason why you utilize Tebow at a Taysom Hill bundle is if you desperately need to get Tebow on the area for a certain reason.

“There are tons of people on each team more capable than Tebow to conduct a Taysom Hill bundle. Only reason we’re having this discussion is because Urban Meyer has a place in his heart which favors Tebow over any other trainer has preferred a participant lately.”

Tebow is hoping to create the Jaguars as a tight end, although he just took one snap into his profession as a receiver and has not played at a regular-season game because 2012.

Jaguars coach Urban Meyer did not show what he’s up his sleeve to get Tebow.

“Before you start having those discussions, you have got to sense where he is at about the depth chart, etc.. Evidently, it’s just been a day or two. We haven’t had that dialogue as an offensive team “